CAPTAIN CA$H has been developed on the new platform Xtend. It is a new concept of MysteryProgressive Jackpot.

The perfect mix of features allow the players to enjoy the unexpected surprise of a Mystery triggered bonus, and the enthralling emotion of a Progressive series of wins.
The exciting atmosphere, the high volatility and the enthralling experience of each new game powered by Xtend platform, combined with the possibility to win one of the 5 levels of Captain Ca$h (Mini Jackpot, Minor Jackpot, Major Jackpot, Maxi Jackpot, Grand Jackpot) at any bet, create the perfect mix between players’ entertainment and operators’ satisfaction.

Playing an higher bet increases not only the chances to trigger the Jackpot Bonus but also the chances to hit higer levels.

When the player enters to the Jackpot bonus game the thrill starts. An incredible seek to the forgotten coffers lost in the old pirate wreck.

The treasure of the money-houngry Captain Ca$h is waiting for the bravest pirate to be conquered again.

The benefits brought by new Xtend platform are evident; Vibrant Colour Depth, High Fidelity Sounds and Fast and Fluid Game Experience will leave the players out of breath.