MD POKER Tournament is the Innovation that turns your Video Pokers into Real Crowd Generators. This Turn-Key Solution boasts extreme configuration flexibility which gives concrete autonomy in shaping the best Gaming Experience. Tournament Identity can be tailor made customized in order to maximize its impact and effectiveness.
MD Poker Tournament is a solution developed to offer concrete advantages and profit opportunities to all casino operators, by attracting both new and existing poker players to live a brand new experience in the slot floor.
Moreover MD Poker Tournament can count on the strongest poker game of the market, as a matter of fact Magic Dreams’ Video Pokers versions are constantly increasing their global market position.

Thanks to its flexibility and clear usability, the MD Poker Tournament requires a minimum Attendant’s involvement into the Tournament scenario. In this way, the Operator is absolutely free to create e most suitable Event for its specific location without any technical or logistic restrictions.
3 key meters are the protagonist and can be easily managed. Depending on the Tournament model, the operator can decide to cancel one or two of them.
Each  prize got from a winning combination will be accredited in a separated counter. The Winner of the Tournament session is determined by the score level.
The operator will decide the running time of each Tournament session.
It is possible to decide a precise number of Hands to play.
Thanks to an intuitive User Interface, each player, before the Tournament starts, can enter its own Nickname into the machine. This Nickname will be displayed on the Top Screen. The gaming experience will be now totally unique and exclusive.
At the end of the session, two “Tournament Tickets” containing all the main details, will be printed by the machine. Tournament Tickets will simplify both Tournament and Final Ranking management
Both Tournament Logo and Card’s Back can be Customized with the specific Casino Logo in order to create a real Event Identity clearly recognizable and to boost collateral Marketing activities at the same time.


Marketing can make the Tournament last much more than few minutes.A well planned Marketing action is what determines the actual success of this Event and let the operator enjoy its effects for long time.


Reaching the target customer thanks to the maximum exposure of the Event and the right Communication of rules and prizes.


Involving the player into an exciting and unexpected experience, highlighting reliability and professionality


Poker Tournament is not only the perfect occasion to catch new customers’ interest. It also offers the opportunity to refresh its image in order to increase usual players’ loyalty.