WOW: quando il gioco diventa emozione

WOW non è solo il nome del nuovo Cabinet Upright di Magic Dreams, ma è anche la parola perfetta per descrivere l’incredibile entusiasmo e l’inaspettata emozione che WOW ha già scatenato in tutti i giocatori.



Height 1300 mm
Width: 586 mm
Depth: 534 mm


– METALLIC skin: high grade iron structure with Chrome and Textured Stainless Steel details

– DAZZLING look: eye-catching lighting effects for a brilliant and glamorous present in the slot area

– TECHNOLOGICAL soul: designed for providing full advanced control of coin, bill and ticket peripherals and conveniently hosting all the player tracking modules. WOW runs on the powerfull XTEND PLATFORM

– STRATEGY first of all: a comfortable rubber armrest maximizes the ergonomic button panel in order to let players focus totally on their gaming strategy.

– 100% PURE gaming: led technology for two bright 22″ LCD displays andstriking HI-FI Sound System for an immediate sensorial immersion into the game scene

-High Resolutions Graphics
-Vibrant Colour Depth
-High Fidelity Sounds
-Enhanced Gaming Experience

– Faster and easier game conversion
– Smoother technical service
– Excellent operator usability
– Intuitive configuration interface