The MD Pokers are strongly recognised as high performing in the Casinos where have been installed.
The extremely high performance in all the locations in which MD Poker has been installed confirmed this product as the market leader.
MD Poker is available in four versions:
Double Draw, Jacks or Better, Jokers Double and Jokers Wild.
Each poker version has been developed in order to involve the player into an thrilling atmosphere.

All the Poker versions have:

– 2 Gamble: Red/Black – Higher card
– 2 Game background options
– Customizable Card Back
– Multilanguage

Double Draw won’t disappoint player’s expectiations. Thanks to its unique features it is the most famous and performing MD Poker version.
What makes Double Draw poker different from the other is that , after the first deal the player can rise up to two times the initial bet.
The game will rapidly become strategy and the thrill is combined with adrenalin and an even more increasing desire to win.

Double Draw can be combined with the exceptional poker Jackpot POKER BOOST to create an attraction-grabber area where gaming suspense is immediately felt by all the players.

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